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BA13, Slap Shot Rebound, the hockey game of skill.  sling the puck down to the end and watch it rebound off the boards in an attempt to score a goal.  Great graphics makes this game fun to play for everyone!  Approximately 24X28X3, and 25 pounds. $299 + S&H  (MWF $279 + S&H)  Not Yet Available! BA14, Boomerang Speedway, stock car racing for everyone.  The 1/24th scale die cast stock car travels back and forth and finishes the race in one of seven prize slots. Full color graphic background is pure engine revving fun. Approximately 20X60X3 and 30 pounds. $399 + S&H  (MWF $369 + S&H)  Not Yet Available!

BA15, Plinko, traditional plinko fun in a great new design which is very eye pleasing.  The plinko puck drops down through the maze of pins and players win a prize if it hits the lucky number one spot.  Approximately 24X48X3 and 50 pounds. $399 + S&H  (MWF $369 + S&H)  Not Yet Available! BA16, Lightning Strikes, players can't resist the urge to use the wand and navigate the lightning bolt.  One wrong move and a loud buzzer and flashing light tells them they lost.  Adults can't resist this game either. Approximately 15X15X6 and 10 pounds.  Requires 1 9v battery. $159 + S&H  (MWF $134 + S&H)  Not Yet Available!

BA17, Clown Around, bean bag challenge for children of all ages is loads of clowning around as they toss bean bag into the target holes to score enough points to win a prize. $329 + S&H  (MWF $309 + S&H)  Not Yet Available! BA18, Alien Attack, is an out of this world frisbee toss challenge.  Players take aim and launch their disk to take out the alien craft and save planet earth. $329 + S&H  (MWF $309 + S&H)  Not Yet Available!
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