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Festival Line!
These games are not your ordinary rental games.  The Festival Line adds larger games that are perfect for large events. This spectacular line up features traditional fun games for multiplayer action allowing just one operator to service multiple players at once.  They fit great under a standard 10X10 game tent with a demanding presence that is sure to draw a crowd.  These games ship freight only but well worth it.

JBA01, Krazy Ball Deluxe, features 81 spots and 9 lucky holes in which to toss the play ball in order to score a win.  4 or more players at once can take their chance at tossing the ball and winning a prize. Price and availability coming soon! JBA02, Color Match Deluxe, is a game that allows 1 to 36 people to play at once.  Players lay down their token or ticket on one of nine different colors and when the ball stops, the player with the matching color wins. Price and availability coming soon!

JBA03, Saucer Toss Deluxe, thirty plates at 3 different heights will lure players in dime after dime.  yes, you read that right, dime after dime as they pitch dimes in hopes of landing one on a plate.  Price and availability coming soon! JBA04, Ring Toss Deluxe, bigger and better with more chances for that ringer.  Plenty of room for up to 12 players at a time.  A traditional favorite among festival folks!  Price and availability coming soon!

JBA05, Octo-Hoops, this crazy spinning octopus allows for a more challenging game as players toss larger hoops at Stanley the octopus.  8 arms and 8 chances, not as easy as it looks as he spins in circles.  Price and availability coming soon! JBA06, Cat Rack, their howling on the fence line and this is your chance to knock them down and quiet them down.  Up to 3 players at once makes it easy to get customers in and out.  Price and availability coming soon!

JBA07, Break-A-Plate, mom won't get mad if you break this china so grab a ball, take aim and launch away.  With breaking plates you'll know for sure if you win or lose.  Price and availability coming soon! JBA08, Balloon Buster, another all time favorite for everyone.  Players get their chance to pop the balloons by tossing their darts.  Pop and they win!  Its that easy!  Price and availability coming soon!

JBA09, Cork Shot, old fashioned cork poppers and plenty of targets give players loads of chances to win a prize.  Challenging for kids of all ages.  Price and availability coming soon!

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